Monday, March 17, 2008

SoCoFoSo Festival

Wow, another great festival. Thanks to Mark Hogan and the Sonoma County Folk Society and the C.B.A.
The day was gorgeous and the jamming outside was great to see and participate in.
I really enjoyed all the bands during the day and evening but it was too bad that old time music gets such little attention. One band, The Roadoilers. They are great but they seem to be the only O.T. band invited to the festival year after year. I guess I'd like to see some more of it. It's the stuff that bluegrass comes from and I don't think people really get that. An old time band in the evening (with the bluegrass headliners) would be a welcome change. All in all though, the festival looked like it was a great success. Congrats to all involved and thanks to the powers that be that the festival is now in March (like the old festivals at the L.B.C.) and at the Community Center instead of the high school. Much nicer place.
Thanks again.
See you again next year.