Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another great festival

Well, it's been another year and I notice that no one has posted to this blog. Not sure why. It is pretty easy and you can say what you want (within reason) about the Folk Society, the C.B.A., the festivals, etc.
I just want to say that this year's festival was not disappointing. The music was terrific and the ambiance at the community center is great. I wish the Folk Society would do this more than once a year. Maybe sponsor one band at a time at the center. It would certainly give us members something to look forward to during the year instead of having to wait 365 days for a one day happening.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again to Mark Hogan and Colleen Arroyo for doing all the hard work to see this festival through every year.
One complaint: MORE OLD TIME MUSIC!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

SoCoFoSo Festival

Wow, another great festival. Thanks to Mark Hogan and the Sonoma County Folk Society and the C.B.A.
The day was gorgeous and the jamming outside was great to see and participate in.
I really enjoyed all the bands during the day and evening but it was too bad that old time music gets such little attention. One band, The Roadoilers. They are great but they seem to be the only O.T. band invited to the festival year after year. I guess I'd like to see some more of it. It's the stuff that bluegrass comes from and I don't think people really get that. An old time band in the evening (with the bluegrass headliners) would be a welcome change. All in all though, the festival looked like it was a great success. Congrats to all involved and thanks to the powers that be that the festival is now in March (like the old festivals at the L.B.C.) and at the Community Center instead of the high school. Much nicer place.
Thanks again.
See you again next year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ed Neff and Friends

If you like traditional bluegrass and haven't heard of The Willowbrook Ale House, you're in for a very pleasant treat. Every Thursday evening at 3600 Petaluma Blvd. North (just north of Corona Road) Ed Neff, ( and Friends (really Blue and Lonesome but sometimes with a different banjo player or guitar player) play some of the best trad. bluegrass you're ever gong to hear.
These guys (Ed on mandolin, Jeff King on bass, Mike Wilhoyte on guitar, Larry Cohea on banjo and Paul Shelasky on fiddle) are true professionals. They've all been playing in various and sundry bands around the bay area and beyond for decades and their expertise shows through every time they start playing.
This is not the jam band "new grass" acoustic music that resembles bluegrass but the straight dope. You'll hear Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Flat and Scruggs, The Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse and The Carter Family just to name a few.
I'd like to say that this is a rare opportunity but the fact is that they play every Thursday night so that part is not too rare. However, to have such an accomplished band as this in our very backyard is something special and when the band is cookin' (which is usually every week) it's not to be missed.
Do yourself a favor and take some time out to see these guys. The music starts at around 6:30pm and goes til about 9:30pm. It's not a real late night so Friday morning won't be so bad.
The Willowbrook has a full bar and serves meals. There are pool tables and dice games on the bar. (just thought I'd warn you)
Anyway, check out this fabulous band and you won't be disappointed.